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It’s not hard to see the many ways we are expanding our horizons in the modern world.
Business, technology, international relations, and education are just a few examples that
come to mind. While those are all things to be optimistic about, there is a certain
expansion for which we need to be on high alert – obesity. But just how concerned
should we be?

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has reported an astonishing three-fold increase in
childhood obesity rates (ages 2-19) in the U.S. over the past three decades. Maybe it’s
just me, but that number puts me on the edge of my seat with worry about the health
and future of our children.

While there are a lot of theories as to why this is happening – more fast food with larger
portions, less activity and more sedentary screen time among them – the truth is that
our kids look to us as role models about what to eat and how to stay healthy. So, if we
are fat, chances are our kids will be too.

And sadly, the news for adults is worse. Obesity, defined as having a Body Mass Index
(BMI) of more than 30, is a worldwide problem with those in the United States topping
the list as the fattest

1/3 of Americans Are Obese

The Harvard School of Public Health says that a roughly two-thirds (69%) of U.S citizens
are overweight or obese with 36% of these in the obese category. This is more than
double what it was just 30 years ago and if trends continue, by the year 2030, it is
estimated that half of all American men and women will be obese.

Are you as shocked as I am to think about walking down the street in just a few years
and seeing 50% of the population struggling with obesity?

To make matters more concerning, it is estimated that annual medical costs in the U.S.
for people who are obese are roughly $1,500 higher than costs for those in a healthy
weight range. Just think about how many hundreds of billions of dollars in extra medical
costs per year that will add up to!

The Scary Complications of Being Obese

Being overweight puts you at risk of a lot of other chronic health problems. That’s why
it’s so important you lose weight as soon as possible and find the right strategy to keep
it off for good. You might feel fine now, but statistically, overweight people have many
more health challenges including:

Heart Disease & Strokes

Heart disease and strokes are the leading causes of death in America. The risks of
heart disease and strokes are 50% higher for adults who are obese.

In one of the largest studies ever done (Nurses’ Health Study), the risk of
developing Type 2 diabetes was 93x higher among women who were obese. And
with diabetes rising every year, this should concern you.


There is consistent evidence of an association between obesity and cancers of the
esophagus, pancreas, colon, breast, and kidney to name just a few.


Epidemiological studies confirm the relationship between obesity and depression
exists. In fact, research has discovered that obese people have a 55% higher risk
of developing depression.


According to the prestigious Mayo Clinic, obesity can influence various aspects of
reproduction from sexual activity to the ability to conceive and carry a healthy
baby to full term. Obesity increases the risk of developing preeclampsia, a lifethreatening condition for both mother and baby, gestational diabetes,
experiencing early- and late-term miscarriages, and complications during labor
and delivery.

Lung Function & Respiratory Disease

Asthma and obstructive sleep apnea are two common respiratory diseases linked
with obesity as excess weight impairs respiratory function via mechanical and
metabolic pathways.

Memory & Cognitive Function

A study published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) of over 10,000 people
showed that being obese in mid-life increased the risk of developing dementia by
A growing body of evidence demonstrates that obesity is also connected
to the development of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Musculoskeletal Disorders

Excess weight places mechanical and metabolic strains on bones, muscles, and
joints. Did you know that every pound of excess weight exerts four pounds of
extra pressure on the knees? Obese patients account for a third of all joint
replacement operations. There’s also an increased risk for back pain, lower limb
pain, and disability

Other Complications

The complications from obesity are plentiful and include the development of
gallstones, gout, chronic kidney disease, and non-alcoholic, fatty-liver disease to
name just a few.


There is no doubt – being fat can kill you. A global consortium of researchers
looked at data from more than 10 million people spanning more than 45 years
and concluded that yes, overweight and obese people have an increased risk of
premature death from all causes including cardiovascular disease, cancer, and
other life-threatening chronic diseases.

The saddest part of all this is that obesity is easily reversible. But not in the way that the
conventional diet industry or pharmaceutical and food giants would like you to believe.
Let’s look at some of the myths that were keeping me fat – and probably hampering
your own efforts to lose weight and get healthier too.

Dieting Myths

The diet industry (which includes all those commercial diet programs, so-called diet
doctors and the big food and pharma companies) will do anything to confuse you and
prevent you from achieving lasting weight loss. Afterall, it’s not a very good business
model for any of them to really help you succeed is it? If you get healthy and lose the
weight for good – well, there goes their profits, right?

So they just keep telling you the same things over and over again. Let’s look at a few
myths they exploit to stop you from seeing real results.

Calories Are All That Matter

FALSE – How many times have you rigorously starved yourself counting calories
or ‘points’ and still were unable to lose the weight you wanted?

When we look at the complexity of the human body and the biochemical
reactions that occur, it is an oversimplification to say that the body metabolizes
and uses all calories the same way. The body has different hormonal responses to
different macronutrients (for example proteins versus carbohydrates versus fats)
and so hormones are one key player that dictate how our body handles the
energy – or calories – we take in.

So, to really achieve lasting weight loss, you need to ensure your hormones are
happy and balanced too. But the diet industry is not going to tell you that
because many of the products they want you to use – artificial sugars, chemicallymanipulated additives cause your hormones to go out of balance.

In addition, our digestive system plays a critical role in whether the calories we
are taking in are actually getting probably broken down and used the way they
are meant to be used. So, if your digestive system is not in balance AND you are
not absorbing or metabolizing the energy you are taking in, well, you will not be
able to lose the weight you want to shed.

You Need to Exercise for Hours Every Day to Lose Weight

FALSE – Have you ever heard the saying: “you can’t outrun your fork”? The diet
and fitness industry wants you believe something entirely different. In fact, they
love to sell you intense cardio programs through late night infomercials that
make it seem like the weight will fall off, if only you really push yourself and feel
the burn. What’s really burning up is your hard-earned money, because while

exercise is awesome to help you maintain a healthy weight and a stronger heart,
changing your diet is the main factor in achieving weight loss.

Believe me – you don’t need to do intense cardio all the time to lose weight. In
fact, you may be doing yourself a disservice by over-stressing your body with
exhaustive exercise.

Genetics Are Keeping You Fat

FALSE – Your genes are not your destiny. This is arguably the saddest excuse for
being overweight. I know that may seem harsh, but there is little basis to believe
that even if you diet and exercise properly, your body won’t lose weight.

I’m not saying that genetics have absolutely nothing to do with your bodyweight,
because it certainly does. But the idea that you have some sort of genetic
abnormality that literally keeps your body fat is just not the case. If your parents
were fat and your siblings are fat and you are fat, it is far more likely that your
weight concerns stemmed from learned behavior.

The good news? If the behaviors and habits that caused weight gain were
learned, they can be unlearned. And that’s part of what we are here to do – share
with you those ‘unlearning’ strategies that will help you shift your weight for life.

Eating Smaller, More Frequent Meals Speeds Up Your Metabolism

FALSE – Many fitness gurus and nutrition professionals believe that the best way
to naturally boost your metabolism is to fuel it more frequently. There are at
least two reasons why this is a flawed idea.

First, the more often you eat by adding snacks in between your meals, the higher
and more sustained your insulin levels will be throughout the day. And since
increased insulin levels are correlated to weight gain, this isn’t something you
want to do. (More on this later)

Second, snack choices are usually unhealthy. Cheese and crackers, a muffin, a
handful of cookies or a glass of wine and some popcorn sometimes turns into the
meal and as we’ll learn later in this book, unbalanced meals and snacks like these
can trigger weight gain.

We’ve definitely got some re-thinking to do if we want to get healthy and finally lose
the weight that’s been bringing us down. Before I started digging into the research
that helped me really understand the true cause of my weight issues, I was totally
brainwashed into thinking I just needed to cut more calories and workout harder.

But here’s my advice after years of struggle and feeling guilty and disappointed in
myself, despite my best effort:

Don’t believe everything published by the diet industry.

They are not looking out for us because what’s really in it for them? If everyone really
succeeded in conquering their weight issues, these so-called diet experts, food and
pharmaceutical companies would go out of business. It’s in their best interest to keep us
confused, by spreading misleading or false information, which keeps us fat.
Before we get to the truth, let’s explore how the food and health industry conspires
against us.

Introducing BioFit – Your One-Stop For Gut Health

As I mentioned right in the introduction to this book, I struggled with weight for years
and tried everything to overcome it. I read copious scientific papers, consulted with
nutrition and biology advisors and experimented on myself to identify the best possible combination of supplements and foods to restore and rebuild the balance in my

It took intense effort but finally, I created the perfect formula. This is an incredibly
powerful and balanced supplement that includes all the ingredients I discussed above in
the exact right ratios to be effective.

Why did I spend all that time and effort to do this work? When I first started sharing the
BioFit Diet with others looking to conquer their weight issues and lose their excess body
fat, I used to recommend third-party supplements to help support the amazing results
of the program.

Unfortunately, over time, I found the supplements I was suggesting had deteriorated in
quality. The manufacturers slowly started decreasing the critical ingredients or replacing
them with less pure versions in order to increase profits. When this started occurring,
people who tried the BioFit Diet were not seeing the expected results.

Naturally, I wasn’t happy continuing to recommend substandard products to people
who trusted me. Their disappointment did not sit well with me and I felt I had to do
more than just make suggestions. I had to take matters into my own hands and make a
supplement that you could rely on. And that’s why BioFit was born.

Today, my mission is to bring health and wellness alternatives to the masses – a
revolutionary and easy diet program supported by products that actually work, are of
the highest quality and at a price point that most consumers can afford.

With BioFit, I can now proudly and confidently offer everyone who is willing to jump
aboard the Favorite Food Diet a winning formula to maximize their results.

Not only does BioFit contain all the required ingredients at effective therapeutic
dosages, it’s also more cost effective. This is a product that I proudly and confidently
stand behind its results.

Truly, BioFit is the best way to get the specific strains of these powerful at the lowest
cost. And it’s available exclusively for Biofit Diet readers.

If you are ready to reset your gut and overcome your weight issues and the guilt, the
shame, the disappointment that has dogged you all these years, then I invite you to do

what I did and what thousands of others did and invest in your health and wellbeing

Now that you know the secret of how to get your microbiome back in balance so you
can start losing weight almost effortlessly, let’s dig into the specifics of what foods to
include every day in order to maximize your efforts. And yes – they will include some of
your very favorites, I promise!

The Biofit Diet
I know we’ve gone over a number of things and at this point it may feel a little
confusing. Here, we are going to bring everything together and simplify it to make the
Biofit Diet easy and fun to follow.

The most important thing to remember is the fat gain is mainly caused by an imbalance
in your gut microbiome. The first step was to add the super probiotics found in
numerous studies to burn fat fast, without cutting calories or exercising.

With the Biofit Diet, the main objective is to feed these new bacteria the food they
love… Fiber!

That means lots of whole foods. Unprocessed foods contain a lot of the undigested
fiber your gut bacteria need to thrive

TIP: While you can eat any of your favorite foods on this diet, it’s really best to eat
as many whole foods as possible.

This is especially true of fruit and vegetables and here’s why: In order for the probiotics
to repopulate your gut, they need to eat, and their favorite foods are raw fruits and
vegetables. So be sure to include a lot of them every day.

I know some people struggle with eating raw produce, but believe me, as your gut
bacteria improves, you’ll find it easier and easier to digest whole raw foods. That said, if
you simply can’t tolerate raw, then lightly steaming them is acceptable. And yummy!

Remember, the more fiber you eat, the faster you’ll lose weight on the Biofit Diet!

High Fiber Foods To Focus On
There are a few exceptions to the high fiber food list. Many people have an overgrowth
of bad bacteria and yeast. Grains and potatoes are filled with complex carbohydrates
that feed these bad microbes so it’s best to avoid as much as possible. It’s not that you
can’t eat them, it’s just that they don’t count toward your daily fiber intake. Here’s a
quick list:
Don’t Forget Your Favorite Foods!

I promised you could include your favorite foods in this diet and still lose weight – and I
am not kidding. From day 1 on this diet, you can eat anything you desire including
junk food.

But the trick is to eat the required healthy whole foods first, before you get to these
favorite foods so that you continue to nourish your microbiome. Ideally, you would pick
the healthiest alternative to the junk food you crave. For example, instead of Doritos
Chips, go to the health food store and get some crunchy snack without GMO’s,
chemicals and even better baked instead of fried!

PHASE 1 – FIRST 30 DAYS : 50g Of Fiber/Day

During the first 30 days, we need to make sure the new “good probiotics” have all the
food they need to flourish and drive out the bad bacteria in your gut.

It’s critical you eat as much fiber as possible in the beginning. Ideally, at least 50g per
day or more. The majority of what you eat will be delicious, nutrient-dense, high fiber
whole foods like vegetables, fruits, and beans, highlighted in the green foods lists
above. You can find delicious recipes at the end of this Article.

As long as you reach 50g of fiber per day, you can eat anything you wish! You crave a
burger? Go for it. A slice of pizza or a fresh baked cookie? Ok. As long as you get 50g
of fiber per day from the approved fiber foods lists above. It’s best to eat the fiber rich
foods first for breakfast, lunch and even dinner and then have your favorite foods after

If you want to accelerate your weight loss, continue Phase 1 for as long as you want.
Remember, our ancestors at 150g per day or more.

PHASE 2 – MAINTENANCE : 30-50g Of Fiber/Day

Just like the previous month, we’ll fed the good bacteria with delicious, nutrient-dense,
high fiber whole foods like fruits and vegetables. The only difference in Phase 2, is you
only need 30g-50g of fiber to maintain the healthy bacteria we repopulated in Phase 1.

Your body will be more used to having those whole foods now and who knows, you
might find your tastes are changing and along with them, and this might even change
what you’ll pick as favorite foods!

You will continue to lose weight during the maintenance period until you reach your
ideal weight.

Tracking your progress:

Some people find it handy to write down what they eat each day, at least for the first
month or so. That said, tracking your food intake really helps you gauge whether you
are achieving your fiber goals each day. You can print out the Biofit Journal or jot your
food choices down in a one of many food log mobile apps that you can download for

Final Tip: Drink Clean Water Everyday

Water is super important for so many reasons and especially so when you are trying to
release excess fat. It also helps flush out the toxins bad bacteria make while they are

I want you to set a goal of drinking at least two liters of fresh water per day.

(Skip the pop, juice, milk and any other drink that isn’t water. Black coffee or tea is ok.)

If you are adequately hydrated, these metabolites will preferentially be eliminated
through the kidneys. If you are dehydrated, the liver is going to be called into action to
move a lot of those metabolites into the bile and stool for excretion. When losing body
fat, the liver is also the main area where mobilized fat is processed.

If the liver is overburdened because it has pull and extra shift to eliminate metabolites, it
has less capability to metabolize stored fat into usable energy. Staying well hydrated
frees the liver to process body fat so that it can be burned as fuel.


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